In addition to our core capabilities of dredging and offshore pipeline installation we have developed an expanded marine construction skill set.  These work to complement our existing offering and allow us to offer a broader range of services.  Whether you require sheet piling, geotextile tubing, revetment, slipway construction or the installation of a floating marina we have the skills and expertise to carry out the task.

  • Sheet Piling

    Sheet piles are long structural sections with interlocking connections, driven into the ground with impact or vibratory hammers to form an impermeable barrier. With our vast experience in erecting sheet piling with our specialized equipment, we can ensure that trenches and excavation pits are safe to work and reach desired depths.

    Sheet Piling company
  • Geotextile Tubing

    Geotextile Tubing

    UDMC has actively been involved in the supply & installation of geotextile tubing for beach protection. We use geotextile sheets and other materials to protect the beaches from erosion due to the shifting tides, storm damage and other natural occurrences. We can also supply silt curtains to protect debris from dredging works spreading to other areas.

  • Revetment and Scour Protection 

    UDMC have successfully completed the design and installation of rock armor barriers around marinas, fishing harbors and as part of a beach, protection works. We also carry out rock armor repairs and scour protection

    Revetment Scour Protection
  • Slipway Design

    Slipway Design and construction

    UDMC designs and constructs slipways for various marinas within the UAE. Our slipways are constructed using cost-effective methods providing minimal disruption to the environment and offering completion in record time.

  • Floating Marina Installation

    UDMC has installed a number of permanent and temporary floating marinas. The team at UDMC can design, supply and install marinas in accordance with client’s requirements.

    Floating Marina Installation

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