We have developed a broad knowledge of dredging throughout our years of operation within the UAE and other GCC countries. This capability is demonstrated by the varied projects that we have successfully completed since inception.

Our ability to complete complicated works in various projects and soil types stems from our personnels years of experience in the marine industry and our expanding fleet of vessels and ancillary marine equipment. These factors coupled with our continuous focus on environmental, health and safety considerations provide us with a firm foundation for the completion of complex and demanding projects.

  • Dredging Capabilities

    • De-silting marinas/channels.
    • Dredging of pipeline trenches.
    • Dredging of existing channels.
    • Creation of new water channels.
    • Beach re-profiling.
    • Miscellaneous Operation.
    Dredging Capabilities
  • Dredging Vessels uae

    Dredging Vessels

    • Backhoe dredger
    • Cutter suction dredgers
    • Portable pontoon
    • Dismantlable pontoons
    • Flat top barge
  • Our Ancillary Dredging Equipments

    • Electrical submersible dredging pumps
    • Hydraulic dredging pumps
    • Jetting suction pumps
    • Dredging booster pumps
    Dredging Equipment

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